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Hey. Hi. My name is Emma :) Genderfluid. Pansexual :3 Whats your name? I'm usually lonely, so message me. Escaped the womb on Sep 4, 1996, and I love you. ^__^ even if you don't love yourself.
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Still waiting for things to happen.
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Mass production!
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put this on my grave
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Coming home from NYC

In about 30 minutes I get on the bus home.

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Anonymous said: Dude the gamecube sucked



Showed up this morning Gavin and there were two cookies on my desk. I thought, “I don’t know what these are” so I put them on Jack’s desk. Knew that he would eat them before he even said hello.
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Reblog if you’re a cuddler.

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if thats not punk i dont know what is
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i experienced the most accurate portrayal of college kids when i visited my sister’s college the other day 

we were playing nuke ‘em and this one guy was so hyped he grabbed the ball and shouted “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” and threw it back 

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okay but like could you imagine all the muggle born students coming back to hogwarts after summer break and catching up on what movies they saw, what they thought of season finales, what concerts they went to and off to the side the wizard raised kids are staring at them in confusion and suddenly one of them just whispers

"what the fuck is a nickelback"

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Page 1: A young man stands in his bedroom
Page 5249: The alternate version of a girl’s grandfather kisses his best friends severed head on the lips while a volcano erupts


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Let’s listen to nirvana and burn shit.

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